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Tone & Slim
Tone & Slim is a proven method of successful weight management that is built on the twin pillars of knowledge and support. There is no calorie counting or forbidden foods. There are no gimmicks - just real and lifelong results.
You attend a weekly group or private consultation at your local Tone & Slim Clinic where a trained specialist will identify the root causes of your weight gain. You will learn how to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes that will give you a healthy weight forever. Everything you need to know is shown to you in easy to follow visual tutorials. Your progress is accurately monitored by ongoing measurement of body fat and muscle mass as well as your weight.

A visit to your local Tone & Slim clinic costs just €10 per week and a typical weight management programme takes 12 weeks to complete.

The Tone & Slim plan to weight management places your health at the forefront. Tone & Slim show you how to shed excess weight in a safe, natural and effective way. Understanding your health is vital to effectively controlling and managing your weight. Tone & Slim provide you with all of the necessary support and training that you need to achieve long lasting results.

Tone & Slim Tutorials
Tone & Slim Tutorials are designed to give you the essential information you need to understand the relationship between your diet, physical activity and your lifestyle…… read more >>
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