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The clinic is there to provide you with all of the necessary information and support you require to make lasting lifestyle, biological and physiological changes. Your consultant understands all of the conditions that prevail in the process of effective weight management. The main focus of the clinic is to provide you with the information and training to establish a lifestyle environment that promotes good health practices in all aspects of your life. Tone & Slim is unique in that it is the only programme available in the market that addresses all of the factors that regulate a healthy body weight in equal measure.

Your Tone & Slim Clinic can be held in private or can be in a group setting. This very much depends on you. All clinics will provide private consultations and some clinics will in addition provide group classes. The group classes are held for groups of no more than 20 people and they are held for one hour. The session is made up of a private weigh-in, a twenty minute tutorial a group discussions and a group action report. The meetings are held once a week. The cost is €10 per session.

To find your nearest Tone & Slim Clinics call 01 8600444 or email info@toneandslim.com

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