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Here is a selection of Frequently asked Questions.

  1. What type of person attends a Tone & Slim Clinic?
  2. How quickly will I start losing weight?
  3. Can I do it if I am on medication?
  4. How long does the programme last?
  5. Is it a meal replacement?
  6. Can I eat my normal diet?
  7. How Much does it Cost?
  8. Do I have to buy products or supplements?

What type of person attends a Tone & Slim Clinic ?
Anyone can attend a Tone & Slim Clinic. The initial consultation will identify the most appropriate steps that you can take to deal with your situation. Your Tone & Slim Consultant may refer you to your Doctor or to a more appropriate service provider depending on your needs. Tone & Slim is about placing you in charge of your body. Teaching you how to reduce or increase your body mass to its optimum operating level and to keep it there. It is not about getting into a pair of your favourite jeans for a party. It is about long term health benefit. It is about creating your own health insurance policy one that works to keep you well.
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How quickly will I start losing weight?

During the course of the first few weeks of the course you should see a good healthy reduction of approximately 1 kg (2lbs) per week. However you could lose more but we try to take the focus off weight alone and introduce inch reduction and body mass composition changes as a better form of monitoring. The Tone & Slim system is designed to reduce unwanted body fat and retain lean muscle mass. This process ensures that weight regain will be very slow or eliminated completely.
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Can I do it if I am on medication?
In most cases, yes - you can complete the course while on medication. Your Tone & Slim Consultant will discuss conditions that will benefit from the course and they will also advise you when you should consult with your doctor before making any alterations to diet or exercise.
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How long does the course last?
The course lasts for a duration of 12 weeks, which is broken into a series of four, three week phases. Each session lasts 20 minutes. If you miss a week it will not affect your course - you just come along to the next one and take up where you left off.
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Is it a meal replacement?
Tone & Slim is not a meal replacement programme or calorie reduction or food alternative programme. Tone & Slim do offer a range of dietary supplements designed to support some people with making dietary and life style changes. One such product is Sanafil which is the comparable to nicotine replacement therapy for people who want to lose or stop gaining weight. Sanafil is taken for two or three weeks to assist with reducing food cravings and reduce the appetite of customers who have difficulty in managing this change alone. These supplements are scientifically researched, clinically trialled and all come with peer reviewed documentation.
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Can I eat my normal diet?
You will learn what a normal diet is and you will be encouraged to adapt one that works for you. Gradually, through learning about your body and the most effective dietary and energy balance for your body type, you may begin to alter your diet. The foods that you will eat will be all available in your local store. There are no meal replacements or special foods required.
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How Much does it Cost?
The Tone & Slim clinic costs just €10 per week for a 20 minute private consultation. This consultation includes a weekly weigh in and hip to waist measurement. It also includes an initial 45 minute consultation where detailed body measurements are taken and registered on your private personal file.
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Do I have to Buy Products or Supplement?
It is not conditional to purchase supplements or any of the products that are available. You can take the course without purchasing any products or supplements. The Tone & Slim course is designed to achieve a healthy weight through lifestyle and dietary changes. Of course we do have a range of dietary supplements and products that are designed to support some customers achieve their desired results more comfortably and quickly. All of these products are designed to the highest standards and our supplements are formulated using the most advanced scientific research available.
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