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Tone & Slim is a proven method of successful weight management that is built on the twin pillars of knowledge and support. There is no calorie counting or forbidden foods. There are no gimmicks - just real and lifelong results.

You attend a weekly group or private consultation at your local Tone & Slim Clinic where a trained specialist will identify the root causes of your weight gain. You will learn how to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes that will give you a healthy weight forever. Everything you need to know is shown to you in easy to follow visual tutorials. Your progress is accurately monitored by ongoing measurement of body fat and muscle mass as well as your weight.

A visit to your local Tone & Slim clinic costs just €10 per week and a typical weight management programme takes 12 weeks to complete.

The Course
Tone & Slim is centred on a 12 week corrective body mass composition and weight management course. The 12 weeks are broken down into 4 separate phases of 3 weeks each, education, awareness, tracking and practice. These themes run in parallel each week with the primary focus being on the key theme for that current phase. Understanding body mass composition is an educational process, altering diet is an awareness process, monitoring energy output is a tracking process and implementing change is a practice process. There are others who have either been through each phase and can give you advice and encouragement, or you can buddy up with people who are going through the same challenges and phases. There is tremendous support for Tone & Slim course participants from the consultants, other course attendees and from the group clinics if you want to attend them. The Tone & Slim course is designed to deliver outstanding health promotional benefits and as a bonus, clients get their bodies back into their perfect shape.

Phase One - The Learning Phase
When you attend a 12 week course, you are constantly supported and challenged about your understandings of how your body works and how to get the best possible results to get it into and keep it in perfect working order. The learning phase concentrates on getting you to take responsibility for your health and to learn how to get your body back into its perfect shape. Biological, physiological and psychological understandings are broken down and these three key educational areas are placed at the core of the Tone & Slim Course. These are complex areas in their own right however we are only concerned with the elements that establish a new base for creating and maintaining a healthy body. All of the necessary required information is presented in easy to understand visual presentations and the presenter is trained to deliver this information in an informative, interesting and memorable way.

Phase Two - Awareness
Awareness of how you got to where you are and how to get to where you need to be have to not only be believed and understood but also have to be adopted as part of everyday life. Phase two, works on your new found understandings and beliefs and moves you to make simple but effective lifestyle alterations. This phase allows you to explore new ways of approaching dietary and exercise changes. It is an exciting process that allows participants to effect change without having to commit to something that they are not sure about. Tone & Slim Awareness phase tutorials are full of interesting facts and exercises that participants find extremely useful in making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes that before were unsustainable or even unthought-of. These tutorials are used to reinforce new understandings and to experience the benefits of change without having to make a commitment to change. This is such a unique and misunderstood approach, however, that participants have made lifestyle changes that they thought would have been impossible up to then.

Phase Three - Tracking
Phase three is all about monitoring the implementation and the progress and the maintenance of change. It’s your control centre; it identifies the key areas of your body’s own health status monitors. It shows you how to find them and use them. The tutorials explain how to monitor your body’s health status and in doing so allow you to focus on the areas that need most attention. Monitoring is a very important part of any health promoting activity. You are shown how to identify the signals that your body provides to ensure that you are always on track in reducing your risk of damaging your body. The material provided here is of great benefit to participants because it elicits the real reason for getting your body into shape and that of course is to live a long and healthy life. The weight issue begins to take a back seat and the promotion of and the drive to have a healthy body come to the fore. Why focus on being 4 stone lighter when you are at four times the risk of having a heart attack or stroke?

Phase Four - Practice
Yes, practice makes perfect and if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Nothing could be truer….. but a note of caution, be careful what you practice as it may become a way of life . Tone & Slim tutorials are designed to visually assist you with making any new found belief a part of your every day life. Understanding how we make change or hold on to old habits is all part of challenge of creating a healthier body. Practice is another word for conditioning and that is what practice is, conditioning you to do something without thinking about it. Riding a bicycle, walking, talking, eating are all things we practiced to do and we do them the way we were taught. Our tutorials ask us, was what we were taught the right thing to practice? Well these are just some of the areas that are explored in simple to understand non-complicated way. We are only concerned with the health and shape of our bodies so we work exclusively with understandings that achieve these results for us. The tutorials are designed to assist with gaining an understanding of how, what and when to practice. The power of practice is very powerful force and the Tone & Slim Clinic is designed to get this power to work efficiently and effectively for you.

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