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Monitoring Progress
Monitoring progress is essential and accurately measuring vital biological and physiological markers ensure that not only are you making progress with your weight but more importantly that you are making progress with your overall health.

Tone & Slim offer a full range of biological and physiological measuring services. Your Tone & Slim measurements are always done in private. Healthy changes can take place within your body which may not be reflected on a weighing scale or to some degree by a measuring tape. Therefore to accurately track subtle changes in body mass composition Tone & Slim use the most sophisticated and accurate measuring devises available in the market. Our energy expenditure measuring equipment can accurately measure energy expenditure to within 1% of energy used.

About Waist to Hip Ratio
The waist to hip ratio is a measure of a persons waist size in relation to their hip size. This measurement is used to help measure the proportion of fat around the torso and as such can be used to help determine a persons level of health. For some people, such as those with above average amounts of muscle or those with low density bones, the waist to hip ratio can be a much better estimate of health risk than other measurements such as BMI. This is because BMI doesn't take factors such as body composition into account whereas the waist to hip ratio is more dependent on body makeup. Studies have found that for men a good waist to hip ratio is 0.9 while for women who typically have narrower hips a ratio of 0.7 is more ideal.

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