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Tone & Slim Detox

Tone & Slim Inner Body Cleanse Detox This dietary supplement is a unique natural blend of inner body cleansing ingredients combined in an easy to take capsule. This inner body detox cleanser is formulated to provide the body with support in stimulating liver, gall bladder, kidney and bowel function. The ingredients have been specifically selected based on their proven ability to provide the necessary support in detoxifying the body. The unique formulation contains:

Milk Thistle
* Protects liver tissue
* Aids in the regeneration of damaged liver tissue
* Decreases liver and bile cholesterol
* Limits liver damage resulting from a disrupted oxygen supply

Curcuma Longa Extract
* Gastrointestinal Protection and Support
* Antioxidant
* Reduces Inflammation
* Stimulates liver and gallbladder


Goldenrod is used in conjunction with other remedies and/or medications for the treatment of bladder infections, irritation of the urinary tract, and bladder/kidney stones. This herb increases the flow of urine, which helps wash out bacteria and kidney stones. It may also soothe inflamed tissues and calm muscle spasms in the urinary tract as well. The saponins in Goldenrod act against the Candida fungus, the cause of yeast infections and oral thrush. This herb also works well in treating sore throats, chronic nasal congestion and diarrhoea.

Ginger Extract
* Cleanse the Colon
* Increase digestive enzyme activity
* Antioxidant

A good health starts with a good bowel function. For this reason the patented Lactospore is added to this product. This lactic acid producing bacteria is supporting the normal colonisation of the bowel and supports the detoxification via the bowel.

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