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Your Tone & Slim Profile is a documented week by week record of your progress during the 12 week weight management programme.

Your Profile begins with an assessment of key indicators such as current weight, BMI, Hip to Waist Ratio, body measurements, body composition, dietary habits and activity levels. We also record available medical data such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Essential data such as weight, BMI and hip to waist ratio are recorded on a weekly basis and the other data is recorded at regular intervals over the 12 week programme period. You will always be able to see the progress that you are making both in terms of your weight and your overall health.

Tone & Slim puts personal choices under a spotlight. Clients are empowered through education to make lifestyle choices that provide for a better quality of life and which go a very long way towards reducing the risk of illness. Learning this material is enjoyable and our clients have demonstrated through this approach that they more knowledgeable and have a grater appreciation of how they physically and mentally work. Tone & Slim takes the focus off weight loss and redirected that energy into prioritising wellbeing.

The plans available from the Tone & Slim consultations are not dependent on clients taking specific branded supplements to support their aims. Any client taking a dietary supplement or over the counter medication either for weight loss or smoking cessation will benefit from the courses and the information and support they provide. Clients are encouraged to fully understand how supplements and OTC products can work in certain circumstances and how in other cases they can interfere with progress. Consultants follow Department Of Health and Children guidelines in the formulation of plans and in the advice they give.

Clients have access to a range of health screening and monitoring services which are available in both the individual and group clinics. Blood pressure monitoring, activity monitoring, dietary analysis, body mass composition analysis and cholesterol testing are all explained in the course.

We believe that understanding the monitoring devices which are readily available today will go a long way towards empowering people to take a more active role in controlling and maintaining excellent health.

Now more that ever people are realising that their good health is their responsibility and Tone & Slim is here to provide the environment and the materials required to make positive and long lasting change.

For more information email info@toneandslim.com

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