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Majella Walsh

Majella started on the Tone & Slim programme in August 2006. Meeting with her consultant Imelda was an event that would change the future for all concerned. Having tried every form of weight loss and every fad diet only to see her weight and size reach new heights, Majella decided to try Tone & Slim in one last desperate effort to get her weight under control.

The starting point was as follows; at 5’ 8” Majella’s weight was 18st 10lbs with a 47” waist, a 56” hip and a body mass index BMI of 41, all well concealed in a pair of leggings and a woolly jumper.

Imelda quickly got to know Majella and the type of person she was. Behind what seemed a confident outgoing personality was a confused and disorientated person trapped in a way of living that was dismantling a once healthy body. It soon became apparent to Imelda that Majella was fed up with the way she was and was willing to trust Imelda.

A consultant is only as good as the person they are consulting with. The Tone & Slim programme is built on the principle that an informed individual can be motivated to make life altering changes and scientific and life coaching support increases the outcome immeasurably. Imelda set about giving Majella the basics basic principles of weight management. To take Majella through the first steps Imelda devised a simple to follow programme that made very small changes to her diet. It is so important in the Tone & Slim programme that people make changes through their own beliefs and actual experience rather that forced understandings. The consultant was very supportive of Majella.

After twelve weeks on her programme, Majella had made considerable progress and this made her even more determined to continue with Imelda and the Tone & Slim programme. Majella at this point had made the necessary changes in her diet to allow her to manage her weight and continue to reduce her body fat. Majella pointed out that one great thing about the programme was that she only weighed herself every two weeks in the clinic which took the emphasis off focusing on her weight and made her more conscious about her body size and shape. Interestingly enough, when Majella went to her Christmas party nobody really noticed her 3 stone weight loss. While to many this would have been a good enough reason to slip back into the old ways, Imelda intervened and used that incident to set a target for the next Christmas party.

Like all changes that are made to the body there is a point when there seems to be nothing happening - a plateau is reached. However, being forewarned is forearmed and Imelda had a plan to deal effectively with such times. In her time on the programme Majella was always Imelda’s first booking on a Saturday morning and never missed an appointment. From a person who had all the wrong eating and exercising habits to a person who ate well and exercised regularly. The results were life changing and they new it at the 2007 Christmas party! They did not know it was the same person. A total transformation inside and out.

Over 6 stone lighter, 16 inches off her hip, 12 inches of her waist, 10 inches off her chest, these are truly life changing results. Weight regain is considerably reduced on the Tone & Slim weight management programme because you actually eat regularly and there is no calorie counting or restricted foods. However, there are food alternatives suggested and Majella’s favourite one, was replacing her WKD for a Coors Lite.

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