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Tone & Slim Tutorials are designed to give you the essential information you need to understand the relationship between your diet, physical activity and your lifestyle. The tutorials are full of simple to apply changes that you can use straight away. The information is presented by a trained Tone & Slim Consultant in an easy to understand format that clearly demonstrate the how’s and why’s of excessive weight gain or loss. Tone & Slim is all about putting you in control of your health. Using the very latest scientific knowledge and the most advanced measuring equipment available. Tone & Slim is designed to help you help yourself to a healthier you.

There are 12 tutorials that delve into the science of weight management, from how minerals and vitamins are needed to manage a healthy weight to where the richest sources of complete proteins can be found. The tutorials will show you how your body functions and how to get the best out of your food. Packed with tips and advice the tutorials will provide you with all of the information that you need to make significant changes to your body composition. Utilising the latest clinical trials and research from the world of science the development team at Tone & Slim are leading the way in weight management for health.

This tutorial explores and explains the types, the role and effects of carbohydrates in our diet. How much we should consume and what the best and the worst forms are. It shows how to get your portion size right for you. This is all done using easy to remember visual aids. Once you have seen this presentation you will begin to make positive health promoting effortless changes to your diet.

Known as the building blocks of the body this tutorial demonstrates the importance and the rich and readily available sources of proteins. Protein is as important to effective control and management of weight as it is to your body itself. A sometimes misunderstood food this presentation will leave a lasting impression on the importance of protein.

The importance of calcium in your diet cannot be over emphasised, its the most abundant mineral in the human body. This tutorial explores all of the bodily functions that are dependent on calcium and it shows what foods contain calcium and how much calcium your body requires to allow it to function properly in muscle contraction, blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure, nerve transmission and other body processes.

Omega 3 is a good fat which your body requires to function at its optimum level. The good and the bad fats are explained in easy to follow animated diagrams. The benefits of understanding how your body stores and uses fats are fully explained. Your understanding of fat will reduce the effort required to manage your weight.

Body Composition
The knowledge in maintaining the correct balance between lean body mass and fat body mass is what effective weight management is all about. This tutorial takes you back to basics and builds up your understanding of how to effectively get and maintain a healthy body weight. A really insightful and interesting presentation packed with valuable tips and practical exercises.

Energy Balance
Exploring and explaining the benefit and necessity of balancing energy intake and expenditure. This tutorial explains, with visually commit to memory illustrations, the importance and effectiveness of exercise in managing a healthy body mass. How energy expenditure can be increased to manageable levels to decrease excessive body mass. Energy balance is defined for all body types.

Physical Activity
The dreaded of all the tutorials always turns out to be one of the most enjoyable. This highly interesting visual communication dissolves the many misbeliefs and misunderstandings in relation to physical activity. Every body does it even when sleeping. This new perspective on physical activity is both refreshing and motivational.

Vitamins & Minerals
The ones we create and the ones we don’t - their function and importance is explained in easy to understand and simple terms. This tutorial is essential in understanding how our diet effects the way our body functions. Effective and realistic weight management is dependent on the intake of the right amount of the right vitamins and minerals. Tips and recommendations on how to get your balance right.

Life Style Change
This no nonsense tutorial explains and demonstrates how to make effective and lasting changes to facilitate a lifestyle that works for your overall health. This tutorial demonstrates in a practical and simple to understand way the most effective scientifically proven methods to change the way you view and interact with everyday situations that affect your ability to control and manage a perfectly healthy body weight.

Eating Away
Designed to provide guidance and advice on eating away from home. This presentation will show you how to manage a menu and plan to enjoy the eating out experience at little or no cost to your health. It is packed with proven techniques that avoid the risk of overeating or under nourishing your body.

Food Shopping
Knowing what you are shopping for is half the battle and this tutorial explains the correct approach to food shopping. Learning how and why to read a food label is demonstrated in a clear visual way that will help you avoid buying something that is not all what it seems. It is full of tips and recommendations that will be easy to use in your everyday life.

Food Pyramid
This graphical masterpiece fully explains the food pyramid in a way that you have not encountered before. It demonstrates how the food groups interact in your diet.

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