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Activity Monitor

This is the Gold Standard for physical activity monitoring. A wide range of scientific trials and studies have been undertaken on this equipment which ensures that Tone & Slim customers are provided with accurate information at all times. The benefits of the activity monitor are noted in many reports and Tone & Slim recommend the use of this equipment as it is so important to measure the level of intensity of energy expenditure in the course of making fundamental lifestyle changes.


Exercise Diary

The comprehensive activity work book is designed to be easily understood and user friendly. It explains in clear terms the whys and the hows of exercise. The diary contains a complete list and values of energy expenditure by physical activity from hoovering to hill walking. The work book will ensure that a full understanding and appreciation of the benefits of energy expenditure is fully understood.


Food Diary

The food diary is designed to provide a complete understanding of energy intake. The client gets a full understanding of the energy that they consume and over the twelve weeks will see a change in the type and the amount of energy consumed. It is a very important tool in addressing energy intake. It has been shown that people who keep a record of their energy intake naturally reduce the amount of food they consume.


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