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Tone & Slim One Week Packs

Tone & Slim combines a Slimming Powder and Toning Capsules into convenient one week packs. The Slimming Powder is a real breakthrough in fat reduction which works by reducing your appetite and removing excess body fat. An independent clinical trial has proven that taking Tone & Slim Powder resulted in 82% more fat loss.

The Tone & Slim Capsules are made from natural safflower oil. Due to the unique manufacturing method the inclusion of isomers other than c9,t11 and t10,c12 is suppressed. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) with the highest available concentration of these two active isomers is thus obtained.Tone & Slim CLA delivers the benefits, along with better taste and easier digestibility. Increase the breakdown of fat.  Prevent the filling of fat cells. Prevent the differentiation of fat cells. Increase energy expenditure.

Tone & Slim is not a meal replacement and this is very important to avoid weight regain when you are finished taking it. You lose muscle as well as fat with all meal replacement products and therefore, your body cannot burn as many calories when you stop using them. The weight just piles back on as you don't have enough muscle to burn the calories. This does not happen with Tone & Slim as you do not skip any of your meals. You simply eat less because you have a smaller appetite.
Compare for yourself how Tone & Slim is the better and safer way to manage your weight.

Benefit Tone & Slim Meal Replacement
Eat Normal Meals YES NO
No Weight Regain YES NO
Consultant Support YES NO
Clinical Proof YES NO
Lowest Cost YES NO
Irish Made YES NO

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