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Pat Ryan

Tone & Slim works. My weight had been increasing steadily and I felt that my health was going to suffer in the long term. I had tried many diets and failed to stick to them or to keep the weight off once I reduced it. Having increased to just over 17 stone and a cholesterol count of 7.6, I knew that I had to do something.

Mc Crystals Pharmacy introduced me to Tone & Slim in October 2007 and having discussed the programme and the support, I booked an appointment with Angela the Tone & Slim consultant. Angela was great, she guided and encouraged me throughout the programme and the results speak for themselves. Twenty two weeks later I was 5 stone lighter. A recent visit to my Doctor said everything. He could not believe how well I looked and how my cholesterol had gone from 7.6 to 5. He was truly amazed.

For anyone trying to get their weight under control they should take full advantage of the consultant service from Tone & Slim. There is no calorie counting, no forbidden foods and no meal replacement. It’s simple to do and very easy to follow. The consultant tells you how you are doing and encourages you to use your new found energy to get the most out of yourself. I am now eating as normal a diet as you can get with no restrictions on what I can and can’t eat.

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